Hold on Zagat, Reddit has recommendations for Pittsburgh Eateries

Zagat has long been and still is the go-to guide for flashy dining, exquisitive food, and mood-setting atmosphere recommendations.  However, this consulting staple for diners looking for that certain je ne sais quio when dining out may have a contender.  The growing and very vocal community of Reddit has its own recommendations of where to eat in the Steel City, and you may be surprised, or completely baffled, at this community’s choices for the perfect dining out experiences.  Here are the Top 5 from Reddit’s list:


Point Brugge:

If its Belgian-style bistro atmosphere and wide array of menu items including Moules Frites (mussels and fries) and Braised Lamb Ragout doesn’t grab you, this Reddit recommendation may steal your heart with its extensive collection of available Belgian beers, plus the outdoor view onto the streets of Point Breeze lends an almost Old World cafe feel.

D’s SixPax & Dogz:

The next Reddit recommendation keeps you in the realm of excellent beer options, but out of Point Breeze into a more neighborhood bar-friendly atmosphere on Braddock Avenue.  The Chicago-style hot dogs brimming with creative toppings and the piping hot pizza go amazingly well with selections from this restaurant’s highly-acclaimed ‘Beer Cave’, which is chalked to the rafters with single bottles of almost any beer imagineable from around the globe (including a build-your-own six pack feature).

The Spice Island Tea House:

Tucked away off of Oakland’s Atwood Street at the center of the University of Pittsburgh campus, this popular little Thai restaurant is a hotspot and hangout for local students and die hard fans of great Asian cuisine alike.  With zesty menu items like Burmese barbecued chicken and an entryway shrouded by beaded curtains, this tiny little hole-in-the-wall kitchen remains a hidden Pittsburgh gem.

Meat & Potatoes:

Reddit’s next recomendation comes in the form of a trendy, new, upscale gastropub and bar located inside a hotel in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.  This new restaurant, known to be an occasional celebrity sighting spot for people like Gordon Ramsey and others, offers a satisfying selection of pre-Prohibition cocktails like the Corpse Reviver and the Blood and Sand, plus a sizeable list of generous, meat-centric dishes ranging from pork chop to duck breast.

Mike and Tony’s Gyros:

Right on the corner of 15th Street and East Carson amidst the raucous bustle of Pittsburgh’s South Side, there’s nothing like a big, greasy, sloppy gyro to end a night of bar hopping.  A handful of busy workers sweat over a hot skillet and shave rotisserie lamb onto your pita bread to make possibly the best gyro in Pittsburgh, dripping with thick cucumber sauce and piled high with all the fixings.  Lines on the weekends can sometimes snake out the door at this local favorite, no bigger than the size of a small pizza parlor.

So, next time you reach for your Zagat guide for recommendations on a good night out in Pittsburgh’s dining scene, don’t forget what the plucky little red-eyed alien mascot for Reddit has to say about where you should be filling your stomach – Bon Apetit!

By Max Stein

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